The Crucible of Stored Trauma

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The Crucible of Stored Trauma

Sapien Medicine
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This here is a combination of The Internal Alchemical Crucible.


This combines a few processes and techniques to create a new internal alchemy,
It gathers the impurities and negative thinking the core of your being, and burns it, while transforming and transcending the level basal energies into a clarified nectar for the lake of the mind.
I guess we can call it an internal basal energy transformer, but it also involves the body itself in this process, so it works on physical and energetic.
(an enhanced digestion and processing of internal poisons)
it is an expanded work of
Mula - Uddiyana - Jalandhara bandha with a wider scope of energy drawing for transformation and elements of tummo and internal body processes. 

Added to this base field is a unique process that works on the transmutation of the stored pain in the body, in areas that have the memory of pain, a gentle way to transform and replace,

in a sort of crucible into love and appreciation.

A little more details.

So what it does, is target all the areas that may have had this stored pain, like trauma areas, even old wounds.

and sends a deep appreciation to those cells, now the idea here is, within this work.. the cells do not give up the 'stored' pain without a reason or replacement, the appreciation sorta 'thanks' it for all that has happened and it has been through.

which softens the 'hard storage' of it and allows it to be 'given up' as it is being given up, we will use that energy and convert it into a strengthened sort of unconditional love and give in back in return. 

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