Old Version Attract Love

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Love is the absolute greatest feeling in the world and the energy embedded in this audio will attract more of it into your life.

Love is connection and the joy that comes from it. The feeling generally springs from sharing special moments with others but don't such moments happen on rare occasion? How often do you and a friend or lover share moments of deep and loving connection.. the type of connection that gives you a natural joyful high from being in their presence.

Its one thing to feel love for others but its another when someone feels love for you and expresses it to you. There is nothing else like it and what this audio does is attract more of that to your life.

Listening to this audio on a daily basis, will draw more loving energy into your life and this would result in more love based interactions. The other love audios work more on you feeling and experiencing love while this one works more on others feeling love for you. So in turn, you will attract more loving interactions with the world around you. And yes, its possible you can attract a significant other with this audio.

More love in your life equates to more happiness in your life. As human beings, we strive for connection and proof of this is that we get lonely when we receive no love for a long period of time! But this audio is like a magnet that draws love from the world onto your life. A life with more love awaits by listening daily to this audio


For the most part, we experience love on

Works on drawing love and love based interactions into your life

best to listen once per day

(This not meant for you to attract specific people or become some sort of relationship magnet)

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Old Version Attract Love

112 ratings