Delta Brainwave State

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Delta Brainwave State

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Many people believe that delta brain waves provide access to God, "Infinite Intelligence", or the "Collective Unconscious" mind.

It is linked with production of human growth hormone, serotonin, DHEA and lots of other "good" chemicals in the body,

Delta Brain Waves are also known to reduce levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a hormone released when you are under stress that basically kills off brain cells and can cause damage to parts of your body. Cortisol has been linked to quicker aging, while having less cortisol has been known to be associated with anti-aging. For some individuals with high amounts of stress, Delta Brain Waves may also work great at reducing adrenaline levels.

Having access to the Delta Brainwave state not only implies that we are in a deep stage of sleep though. In some cases, people can learn to increase their delta activity. People with high amounts of Delta Waves have been found to have increased empathy (or understanding of others’ emotions). Other interesting effects have been documented as a side-effect of having Delta Brainwaves.

Advanced monk meditators have also been known to access the Delta Brain Waves range when they practice meditation. The average, less experienced meditator usually is only able to acess the Alpha or Theta Brainwaves range. However, if you practice long enough and get proper training, you too will be able to tap into your Delta awareness. Having a brainwave pattern that is dominated by Delta Brainwaves is impossible if the person is awake. Many people have also reported having spiritual experiences and sometimes O.O.B.E. (Out-Of-Body-Experiences) while having Delta Brainwave activity. These paranormal experiences are more common if a person has access to slower levels of their Brain Waves.

This created sound file, increases the amount the delta brain waves in your brain when listening to it.

Sustaned listening over time will entrain your brain to naturally produce stronger delta brain waves and to allow you to become conscious in that state for longer periods of time.

The best usage is when you are relaxed, in meditation or just ready to go to sleep.

Do not use when driving or operating heavy machinery.

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