The Dragon Golem

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The Dragon Golem

Sapien Medicine
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(This is an automated servitor creation sigil in the pdf)

This oriental Dragon Golem/Servitor will respond to any name you choose to give him at creation. His form is impressively beautiful and powerful, His skin is covered with iridescent green and gold scales that are chiseled with fine detail. The Dragon energy is ancient and embodies all the energy that defines dragons as mysterious magical creatures that they are.

This dragon has a massive host of abilities at its disposal which it will use to uniquely serve you and protect you in all the ways that it can. This being has the ability to, guide and protect the souls of dead helping them to reach their destination in their particular afterlife. The Dragon golem has vast knowledge of the astral world and will be able to lead you to places there; it will be able to quickly find the places you want as well. In fact you can even use the dragon as you own steed, riding it through the astral. It can also help you in your own efforts to astral project, of course requiring that you do make the effort.

This Golem can also function as your own personal magical familiar, this means that you and your dragon can work together in magical practices, it will add its energy, experience and will to yours, making you even more powerful and effective in your magical workings. There is also the ability to store large amounts of energy for you or your magical workings or whatever you would like the energy for, chakra stimulation or just to pour it into you to feel massively powerful. This Golem can directly channel Etheric energy and also the energy of the powerful earth ley lines. This can also be directed where ever you please.

This unique being will never disobey you work in any way against you. When you have no tasks for him, do not work he will not follow you around like a helpless puppy, he will be up to his own workings or

resting so that he keeps growing and getting stronger and learning new things, in fact you can teach it new things or let it observe energy or magical working so it would be able to do it as well. Being created from energy it has a very intimate understanding of the inner workings of energy and would be able to observe and learn almost any kind of energy working. This being will be your lifelong protector and helper

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A sigil that help you easily create your own energetic servitor/golem

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