Torus Weaved Respect

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Torus Weaved Respect

Sapien Medicine
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What is respect? The definition is; a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

This is how respect is gained over time, in natural situations.

There are beings who gain this respect through fear as well, this is not the type we are discussing here or anything related to that.

These general concepts and ideas of respect and being respected are used to create a living torus type field of energy that circulates, and removes limitations of this type of respect.

A very regal negentropic aura of respect, that inspires those around you to be a lot more respectful. The applications, are endless; board meetings, school presentations, meeting new people, sales.

2 or 3 times for best effects.

The field itself is a lot more complicated, but kept simple in description.

Again, something you do not need and you can acquire through your own hard work and efforts.

You are under no obligation to buy.

I want this!
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