Booted Bhoots

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While continuing my walk through the market place, I came across a seller called "Booted Bhoots"

Thinking that I can certainly get some reinforced boots and gear for my journey ahead, I decided to browse the the items available.

I was fast realizing that this wasn't a cobbler, but rather a seller of some interesting odds and ends.

"A Bhoot is a ghost or entity, as general term" The seller seeing my confusion, informed me and continued.

"So i thought Booted Bhoots would be a nice word play on the store name"

"Oh" I said. 

"What is this Bhoot Pret Nivaran Puja and Homa" I asked.

"Bhoot Pret Nivaran Puja and Homa is done to seek protection and relief from black magic, ghosts and evil spirits", He took a deep breath and continued "

It removes the negative impacts of black magic, ghosts and evil spirits.

It can provide, Protection and release from negative energies.

Provide protection against accidents and diseases.

Remove physical and mental worries.

etc etc."

"Hmmm" I thought to myself. That sounded interesting. 

After some thought I replied "okay i will buy it, but only if you play a round of gwent with me also"

The seller grinned "You think you can beat me in gwent?" 

"Let us begin then" He winked slyly and continued "But let me finish my instructions firstly".

Use 2-3 times per use then/or as needed.


(Gwent is a collectible card game, also all products are made Jinn free and without a side serving of agendas) 

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Booted Bhoots

57 ratings
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