Kubera's Blessing

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As I journeyed through the marketplace i saw a strange seller who caught my eye,

something about her body movements made me stop for a second, it was too precise, with a a sort of forced clumsiness.

After consideration, I decided that she was definitely not all who she appeared to be which had me intrigued. 

I approached her, "Hello, what do you have for sale?" I asked.

she sized me up and smiled, "I have exactly what you need of course" each word spoken with such precision, I felt like I had played right into her hand.

"and what is it I need?" I asked.

"A bit of luck and good fortune, as do all travelers" she quickly added "especially these lands and these times".

"Here I have a complete recreation of a Kubera Homa, so you can enjoy the benefits of this yagna on repeat, and on demand for a one time fee". she stated. 

"Hmm" I thought to myself. 

"You mean the god of wealth?" "Like a laughing buddha?"

"laughing buddha?" she asked and laughed, "perhaps, as legends and things often flow into one another and change as they move in location and culture.

Kubera is  the granter of wealth, The guardian of one of the directions but his forte is unexpected wealth, if you buy this, as we all know, the success of a yagna depends also a bit on a person, their thoughts and actions, that being said I will also another audio creation which includes his blessing and the energies of his mantra, so there can be even a passive benefit if you are not ready to do the yagna." she explained.

I pondered on her words as i checked my coin purse. 

(use as needed, 2-3 is a good amount for both, if you are using these, i would suggest both on one day, perhaps also help someone in need and then let the energies do what they are supposed to do. Good luck :) )

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Kubera's Blessing

29 ratings
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