The Shamanic Medicine Blend

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Congratulations You have unlocked a legendary item

This is a smart field that is a lot more finely crafted with knowledge and information from various places all working together as a seamless whole.

It is a culmination of some of some things made before all synchronized and all elevated to a level that makes it legendary.

Field composition

Microkinesi therapist field (not to take away from the specialized nature of the microkinesi field, which grows in a differently specialized way than this)

The bushman medicine field

Trauma Release & Healing,

Love/Gratitude/Appreciation and

Amygdala Healing + Fear Release

All these are combined together as a body of field work and knowledge base.

under an interactive smart program, that learns as it interacts with who ever plays this.

It will combine and apply this body of knowledge to find and treat all the underlying conditions it can.

It will learn by applying these varying knowledge bases to find the correct combinations of those approaches to heal you.

It will remember /save what works best to the knowledge base and reference it in future uses, in this way it gets better at what is done.

(All legendary items are made in ways to dissuade black-market sales)..etc..

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The Shamanic Medicine Blend

30 ratings
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