Plasma soaked Teeth and Gums

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Introducing Plasma Soaked Teeth and Gums, a cutting-edge audio field designed to rejuvenate and enhance your oral health. This innovative field combines plasma fields with mitochondrial targeting, voltage restoration, and the latest versions of teeth and gum treatment for unparalleled dental care.

Key Benefits

The Plasma Soaked Teeth and Gums audio field stimulates the natural regeneration of teeth and gum tissue. It uses α-MSH (alpha version of melanocyte-stimulating hormone) to promote teeth repair from cavities and general damage. The addition of Tideglusib (a glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitor) and transforming growth factor beta 1 speeds up healing and regeneration.

This field also incorporates mild UVC and hydrogen peroxide for a whitening effect and bacteria destruction, localized to the teeth. It encourages the body to produce increased amounts of Fibroblast growth factor - 2, essential for gum regeneration, making it an effective treatment for periodontal disease, including receding gums.

User Experiences

Users have reported immediate tingling in their teeth within seconds of using the audio, indicating its potent effects. One user stated, "My teeth feel stronger and cleaner, with no plaque build-up after just a few uses." Another user shared their experience with pain relief, noting, "I have a recurrent tooth pain that no dentist could fix. This audio provides relief within an hour or two of listening."

The whitening effects have also been praised, with one user highlighting, "After just a few sessions, my teeth are noticeably whiter and brighter." The field's versatility extends to overall oral health improvement, with another user noting, "This audio treatment saved me from needing expensive dental procedures."

How It Works

This audio field uses advanced energy programming to simulate the effects of professional dental treatments. By listening to the audio 4-5 times a day, you can stimulate increased blood circulation, enhance collagen production, and improve teeth and gum health. It is recommended to supplement this treatment with practices like oil pulling for enhanced results.

Why Choose Plasma Soaked Teeth and Gums?

  • Non-Invasive and Convenient: Enjoy the benefits of advanced dental care without the need for invasive procedures or expensive dental visits.
  • Comprehensive Oral Care: Targets multiple dental issues including cavities, receding gums, and teeth whitening.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides professional-level dental treatment at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Elevate Your Oral Health Today

Invest in Plasma Soaked Teeth and Gums and experience the transformative effects of this advanced audio technology. Achieve healthier, stronger, and more radiant teeth and gums with a treatment that fits seamlessly into your daily routine. Don’t wait – start your journey to perfect oral health now!

Discover more about Plasma Soaked Teeth and Gums here.

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Plasma soaked Teeth and Gums

52 ratings
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