Brain Growth Work

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Originally this was made in order to conduct a study using EEG measurements and a public group.

While promising, we were unable to finalize the study, due to Covid safety precautions.

So the audio is presented as is for your use.

We may use it for the study as long as there aren’t anymore restrictions or use a brand new creation.

This a combination of a few fields that works for enhancing the hemisphere connections along with electrical stimulation, BNDF and Nerve growth factor

directly to the targeted areas.

The same combination is also used to enhance the functioning of the frontal lobes.

This works on the corpus callosum and frontal lobes (prefrontal + frontal lobes).

Scientists have found that humans had the largest total frontal cortex volume in any of the primates, so the claim is that it may be what gives us an evolutionary advantage.

But there isn’t a consensus of agreement on that.

The corpus callosum helps with the communication between the two hemispheres, a better connected brain will help produce a more defined ‘whole brain’ functioning and reasoning.

Einstein’s corpus callosum circularity is significantly larger than that of the elderly control group and slightly smaller than that of the younger group.

Perhaps here you can begin to see the significant role it has with reasoning and intelligence.

It has TDCS, NGF, BDNF localized to specific areas in the brain (such as the corpus callosum and frontal lobes) along with a mild electrical stimulation.

This audio is 15 mins long, use once or twice a day or every other day

Take proper breaks and nutrition as well

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Brain Growth Work

20 ratings