Conceptual Realizations

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This a bit of help on your journey navigating the world, this is something that you may not truly understand what a gift it can turn out to be in the long run, unfortunately the price is steep, but i think its worth it, so the audio is also a bit safe from the under-market distribution.

Life is indeed a journey, and experiences are what defines that journey, experiences lead to realizations which propels you forward in your journey, which may be achieving your goals.

Goals truer to what the core of your being want though,

This allows you to peak into the true concept or real meaning into what someone has said.

It helps you to develop this ability as a natural part of yourself.

have you thought that the world might have been a better place if people could really understand what the other said, that maybe they meant what they said in different way. 

You can grow though completely understanding the experience of someone else.

Do you know that, sometimes in the connections and interconnections of all things mind, soul, higher self or whatever else, it seems that you need to have some specific set of lessons? a pattern of events keep repeating, 'this always happens to me' symptom.

I think this may lend a little help in escaping those cycles and patterns, by understand others experiences, you in a way, learn a lesson. Not 'your' lesson, but a lesson very similar.

Then there is all the other bits and pieces that tie it in together and some unintended benefits.

I liked the sounds in this one, I imagined sitting a car with the windows down, while wondering about general and not so general things with the music playing in the background accentuating the mood. 

Please enjoy and be responsible,

Use one or twice a day, the effects persist and initiate brain and 'consciousness' changes that leads to a more of less permanent skill that you can grow with practice. 

You can read about it in far greater detail here

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Conceptual Realizations

45 ratings
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