Attract Good Luck and Good Fortune

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Attract Good Luck and Good Fortune

Sapien Medicine
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What if you could walk around and attract good luck wherever you go? If you could have everything go your way and get what you want by coincidence. There are some people who exhibit this type of luck and go through life without stress or effort because things always work out for them.

Having good luck is like having the universe work in your favor to attract the things you desire into your life. Your will is aligned with the universe and very often, the universe does all the work in getting you what you want.

The combination of programming and frequencies embedded in this audio will work toward helping you draw good luck and good fortune into all areas of your life. The more you listen to this audio, the more you become one of those people who naturally attract good luck all throughout their life.

You need extra money? Luck could bring you to a finding an antique item that sells for $2,000.

You need to get to the meeting in 20 minutes but woke up too late? Luck could bring you no traffic and green lights on the way to work.

You need some relaxation? Luck could bring you a free vacation to the Caribbean.

Need some extra luck at the casino? Luck could bring you thousands of dollars in one night.

Need a new job? Want to win more at games? Need to get lucky with a girl for once?

With good luck, the universe will bring you what you need and want. You can't go wrong with more luck in your life. 

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