The Microkinesi-Therapist

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Microkinesitherapy is a gentle therapeutic technique that applies the principles of homeopathy through delicate touch. This method encourages the body to recall and heal unresolved injuries, initiating a comprehensive self-healing process. Unlike therapies focused on symptom relief, Microkinesitherapy aims to erase debilitating information, providing lasting results

Benefits of Microkinesitherapy

  • Encourages the body to recall and heal unresolved injuries.
  • Effective for acute injuries, pain, exhaustion, learning difficulties, musculoskeletal disorders, and psychosomatic conditions.
  • Contains the knowledge base of French physiotherapists and osteopaths Daniel Grosjean and Patrice Beninis and their application of that knowledge.
  • This field checks in with the knowledge base to update its understanding and become more effective over time.
  • Use as much as you want, or until you feel that you have had a complete treatment suited to you.
  • Incorporates the goodness of Plasma Light Energy for amplified therapeutic benefits.

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The Microkinesi-Therapist

18 ratings
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