The Malleable Ego

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Building on the Ego Dissolution base and adding an absorbent malleability to help produce change and restructuring of the ego to fit your own design.

Through dissolving rigid mental constructs and opening neural pathways to change, any fields, hypnotic meditations, affirmations, healing modalities and anything you can do to nudge your mind towards change will be heavily amplified and work towards creating new pathways to permanent changes. So you van more effectively  dissolve harmful patterns like lack of abundance and insecurities and replace with positive patterns that will serve you far better in life.

This cognitive openness also opens the door to more inner peace, enhanced creativity, emotional resilience and more mental capacity. There is more that this audio offers that you will be able to discover on your own.

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The Malleable Ego - New Release - Sapien Medicine (

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The Malleable Ego

43 ratings
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