Woven Worlds - Contentment

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Woven Worlds - Contentment

Sapien Medicine
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When we think of manifestation, we generally think of creating a life of peace and abundance.

But the task of visualizing such a reality gets overwhelmed by our current discontent. Discontent that impairs the drive to push towards the reality we want and snaps us back into our troubled world…until now. The basics of manifestation is visualizing the desired outcome and energizing your mind/reality to lead you to that outcome… and then act towards it.

With ‘Woven Worlds,’ the desired outcome is conceptualized for you. It is the feeling of being content with all aspects of your life. Your family, your home, your finances, direction your life is going and just the pure joy of living. That feeling is universal and pure and is instilled as the destination your world is headed towards. And you will get the push you need to reach this destination.

The background build-up of this uses the active physical push of the need to create a completed action. This action is this 'auto manifestor' with a heavy power pushing behind it. Pushing, powering and empowering through the physical, psychic, subconscious and extra dimensional; a brute force energy creation but ever so elegantly done.

So with that powered push the envisioned world starts to become your very real reality. This means getting the things you want that lead to the abundance and peace that you seek.

Be it because of insightful action on your part, a concerted action of a team, a random gift, whatever that will lead you to achieve and actualize this envisioned reality of yours.

Beyond this deeply tailored complexity, there are also elements of the cone of power to again work synergistically towards the goal. This is a powerful combination that makes manifestation easier than it’s ever been. Find yourself engorged with the desire to act on a better future and weave your world into one you enjoy living. This is our most powerful manifestation tool yet and should give the necessary push much of you may need to find the fulfilment you deserve.

Part of a weaved worlds series.

Use as need, I suggest starting very small at the start.

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