The Point of No Return

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The Point of No Return

Sapien Medicine
54 ratings

The Point of No Return is when you’ve hit the lowest low in life and no matter what you do to rise above your problems, you just keep running into more problems. Your efforts to change aren’t rewarded. The universe seems to be against you. The baggage you carry from the past weighs like 150 pound bag strapped to your back. This is a point where people feel stuck. And it might not be so dramatic for some people… they might just feel stuck and like nothing they do works at all.

And the truth is that this aura of negativity we carry at these low points actively work against our efforts to progress and overcome a situation.

This special blend of fields works toward clearing this aura of negativity and multitude of blockages that work against our efforts to change and once in a neutral state, repatterns our energy into a more positive and productive state of being.

The audio contains a clearing segment to it and repatterning element to it (music is clearing, drone is repatterning).  

The clearing element goes into clearing away bad luck, consistent negative energy patterns within and external (and energy blockages in general), any entities feeding off of you or influencing you, psychic attacks or just negative energy directed towards you from others (most psychic attacks are unintentional and just spawned from pure hatred/jealousy/ext…), built up emotions and even any emotions caught from others. (some of these overlap)

Also clearing unhealthy patterns from connections to others, neutralizing negative built up emotions such as fear/shame/guilt/anger, neutralizing overly strong pattern of desire. Clearing up subconscious limiting beliefs and neutralizing negative self esteem. I think ego dissolution, amygdala healing and brain reset could be included in this as well as they can both reset the brain. Clearing the other things to reset the energy and consciousness.

The first segment is basically a hard reset. It would be like dreamseed’s energy clearing audio but a neutralizing of many different blockages at once. It should work at setting someone into a temporary neutral state of being which is ideal for change.



The repatterning element will take advantage of the temporary neutral state that the clearing sets you into. The field will reconnect you to the divine (higher self/god/universe). Perhaps also to that universal aspect of unconditional love so that the feeling of loneliness and helplessness can fade away.

Patterning of acceptance. Acceptance of all the problems you have. Of all you feel you lack. Of all that is bothering you. Acceptance of it all (this may best work if you do this consciously while listening to this segment). And embracing it all. Positive perspective on your negative aspects (new perspectives field can help with this). Change in perspective is what can sometimes shift a negative energy into a neutral/positive one.

In addition, patterning of self love, gratitude, appreciation, hope and pure positive energy.

Restabilizing dopamine in the brain and neutralizing the desire feedback loop. Perhaps work on reprogramming it to want more of what you have/what is now (not sure if this is possible).

An empath shield that takes in energies but filters out the negative/lower vibrational energies once received.


Point of No Return is an ultimate one in all clearing field that also repatterns you with the necessary energy to feel positive and move forward. 

I want this!
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