Shatachandi Yagna

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Here presented is a complete energetic recreation of the Shatachandi Yagna where you as the listener also get the benefits as a participant in this. Of course greater benefits are received depending on your natural state of being as well, meaning that usually people fasted and did some religious cleansing before performing these things.

Also created as a test for feed back to see if people are interested in these things also.

Explanation follows below. (taken from both and

Sat Chandi Havan : People do Sat Chandi Path to please the angelic mother, who is also the preserver of the humankind. The angelic mother is the soul and sole truth of the world, and she enchants all the powers in the world. When people do Sat Chandi Paath Yagya together, as the path is one of the most strong texts in Hindu religion as and gives blessings and advantages to all, and yagna as the fire lab cleans everything.

The importance of sat Chandi maha Yagya lies primarily in Navratri, as a Paath and Yagya of Durga Saptashati are normally done. It is a powerful ritual that also contains the strength of Mantra Chanting of Durga Saptashathi Paath, every day during Navratri. Sat Chandi is a distinctive puja and Yagya. It have the power of Durga Saptashathi Mantra and people chant it during the Navratri. The puja and Yagna finishes all the planetary ill effects.

People do the pooja on the auspicious time i.e. on a full moon night. The full moon day gives all the positive energies when this energy is mixed with the energy of the mantras. It gives positive vibes in nature. It also allows in the purification of mind Body and soul.

There are lots of benefits of Shat Chandi Yagya, few are mentioned below.

1. Sat Yagya helps in improving health, wealth and happiness.

2. This Yagya helps in reducing the negative effects, eliminate fear and stress.

3. This is also perform for Harmony in marital life and finding life partner

4. This will helps in achieve spiritual motive, Moksha, knowledge and wisdom.

5. This helps in succeeding in business, career and future vision.

6. This rituals helps in abolishing of all Doshas and hurdles, caused due to malign planet.

7 In short, The Sat Chandi Paath Yagya helps in getting the desired boons and protection thoroughly .

Use as needed or guided.

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Shatachandi Yagna

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