Inner Armor Shield & Magnetic Resonance

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When we think of shielding, we often think of layers upon layers of defensive energies; with various models available, mirroring shields, for example, are defensive by nature where the impact of energies is reflected back at the sender. Other types of shields protect the auric body from malevolent energies entering the energetic field, but with enough “poking”, some of these energies make their way inside.

And then here comes the secret, the inside. Is the inside capable of deflecting back the possible energies coming in from the outside? And, what about the energies coming from the inside? the internal energies generated upon times of anger, sadness, aggression, or simply existing in an environment far from conducive for the individual.

The internal system of the individual is as important as the external — it shapes the natural defenses of the auric bodies. One can observe the internal scheme as the connected network of “yous” that shape the final picture of— you.

Our electromagnetic system is what creates integral figures of the auric bodies— the torus, the aura; and even the force of attraction itself. the magnetic bandwidth of an individual is detrimental to the quality of life one can have “access” to.

And the more magnetic resonance there is; the more the individual is able to unlock these states.

So what is this about?

Presenting the novel concept of Inner Armor Shield & Magnetic resonance — a field targeted towards INNER protection, a one of its kind creation in the world of all available shields. The field offers Shielding from the inside. It offers multiple internal layers of protection so that Shielding comes rather from the inside, and radiates its way into the outside.

In addition,

the concept uses ancient occult knowledge that speaks of the internal electromagnetic system of the person; the goal is to induce a state of electromagnetic resonance that re-targets the magnetic bandwidth of the person and create a conducive environment that is magnetically corrected. Magnetic radiation of the person increases and the very basis of his magnetic field is made as an internal—external network; with seasoned negentropy.

the corrections include the front and back serpents of the kundalini, the resonance connecting the body, and the resonance radiating out of it.

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Inner Armor Shield & Magnetic Resonance

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