Gold Oil of The Sun

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Below is taken directly from alchemical information about the Gold oil of the sun.

This being the refined presentation of it as an energetic audio, these were what was claimed in the past,

which may usually be a measure of truth and exaggeration combined, or maybe not.

(Alchemical Description)

This oil is prepared from the ashes of gold (calcinated gold of 24K) which
cannot return to the metallic state. Those ashes are fused into a colorful
glass with special alchemical salts elaborated from a phosphoric principle.
Those highly fixed salts are then combined naturally with the universal
spirit which contains corporified light or astral fire. When exposed several
nights to the full moon, this glass dissolves by attraction into an oily
thick paste. This oil which is the soul and heavier falls to the bottom; the
spirit which is lighter floats on top. So, you have to shake the bottle
before use.

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Gold Oil of The Sun

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