Increased Psychic Functioning (Classic Version)

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We have been raised in a culture that subtly, and sometimes rather blatantly, discourages the use of psychic abilities. This not only causes us to consciously resist using our psychic abilities, but has a secondary (though ultimately more damaging) effect of allowing our brain structure to atrophy in certain areas due to lack of use.

This happens with any ability that we should naturally have but are for some reason not using. Math skills, the ability to recognize signs, and physical coordination for example.

You have to use them, or over time, you will eventually start to lose them!

This item is designed to address all mental and physical factors of psychic functioning, and cause not only a constant level of use, creating neural growth in the correct areas, but improved ability to utilize psychic abilities on the conscious level, by building a bridge between the conscious and subconscious minds.

So, this makes you not only able to use more of your psychic ability right now, but will help you to increase the actual power of your psychic mind starting on the level of physical structure!

The fields involved are complex, but roughly break down into these parts:

The Conceptual Bridge: Your conscious mind first learned to think in concepts, and your deep subconscious mind still does for the most part. By creating a strengthening field in your mind, concepts will become clearer to your conscious mind, and you will be able to more easily recognize them for what they are, without trying to alter them to fit your own expectations.

When you consciously hold a concept in mind, you will send this concept directly to your subconscious mind, which will clearly and easily recognize what you are trying to tell it, and then be able to act on this information in a powerful psychic manner for you.

Physical Restructuring: Think of this field set as a kind of 24 hour a day rehabilitation training for the brain.

A signal is sent to all the linked psychic centers of the brain, and any that have not been joined in a globally working network yet, but should be. What happens here is that new neural growth is constantly created due to the new activity, and as your psychic ability is promoted, the new growth happens faster and faster.

This builds the structure for increasingly greater power, much as weight lifting can create stronger muscles over time, so to will your psychic brain structure allow for increased strength.

The Psychic Moment: Regardless of your belief structure, regardless of your current use of your normal and natural psychic skills, whenever you receive psychic information, your mind and brain momentarily changes state.

When this happens, people generally ignore it however!

This field will help you learn to recognize this specific psychic moment however. With practice, this field alone will allow you to generate a high level of psychic success in anything you try to do.

There is more to this items field set of course, but these three sets of field information above give a good general idea of what will happen when you place this object on your body.

You gain nearly immediate boosts in power, sure, but you will also continue to grow stronger over time, on a level of both learning and a level of physical change, so that these abilities become a portion of your being, not just the effect of an outside factor!

this is the original older field audio at the original price, some may prefer the audio than the tag, the tag is stronger and more defined of course.

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Increased Psychic Functioning (Classic Version)

54 ratings
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