Lightning In a Bottle

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Lightning In a Bottle

Sapien Medicine
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Most people can remember at some point in their life, that clean fresh feeling in the air after a heavy thunderstorm.   

This creation is more so an industrial strength field or rather more aptly described as a force of nature.

During thunder storms, lightning bolts break apart nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the atmosphere and create reactive chemicals that affect greenhouse gases, combined with subvisible discharges extreme amounts of the hydroxyl radical -- OH -- and hydroperoxyl radical -- HO2 along with Ozone are produced.

Which can break apart methane and a lot of other problematic gases in the environment due to its highly reactive oxidization.

This field, acts in much the same way, Like a literal 'lightning in a bottle' that is released when you play the audio. It rapidly creates the effects mentioned above.

It extends about 30 feet+ and keeps increasing as you loop it.

Tall claims of course, so be sure to test it then and measure it however you want.

There is a lot more this can do, being also a smart field, I am not actually trying to convince you to buy it. 

In fact, you really don't need this, and you can buy an ozone generator or whatever else suits your fancy, intend it or whatever else.

Hypothetically speaking, it can also rapidly clear out masses of unnatural particles, mechanically made for whatever agendas that may not be your personally intended future.

This can damage living tissue as well, bleach clothing etc directly due to what it does.

While made in way that minimizes as much damage as possible, this is not for personal listening, it is for the environment.

Play it on loop and leave the area.

Final note, as suggested by honkers the goose that laid the golden egg, we may be working on a new app

I want this!
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