Tin Oil of Jupiter

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Tin Oil of Jupiter

Sapien Medicine
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Below is taken directly from alchemical information about the Tin Oil of Jupiter.

This being the refined presentation of it as an energetic audio, these were what was claimed in the past,

which may usually be a measure of truth and exaggeration combined, or maybe not.

2 - 3 times per usage

(Alchemical Description)

This oil is made from ashes of incinerated tin, which cannot return to the
metallic state. These ashes are then dissolved in a strong vegetable alkali
alchemically prepared from oak wood. This metallic solution, when put in a
warm place for digestion, starts to precipitate into an earth. This earth
swells and ferments, thus releasing a gaseous vapor in the form of thousands
of bubbles and foam. When the fermentation is completed, the matter has
completely putrefied while passing through various beautiful soft colors
which culminate in a black tar-like substance. The body is then considered
dead as it has released or given up its soul in the form of a fiery orange
oil. This is called the solution or the separation of the elements.

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