The Legendary Hair Serum

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You have just unlocked a legendary item!

The Legendary Hair Serum is a combination of a few fields that have been been producing great results with some key additions to make this a legendary item. It is designed to provide a means to recovery hair quickly from the effects of alopecia and even general super charged hair growth and health, It is safe to use for any gender.

The hair growth booster with additions (released as shiny and revitalized scalp on the frivolous album in streaming media)


This works to help push for faster extra hair growth, (and for all genders) Not for miniaturized follicles, but you can use both to speed results.

The approach here is a combination of a few things.

Activation of the sonic hedgehog path ways but only the fibroblasts directly around hair follicle.

The removal of Dkk1 and stimulation of the Wnt/β-catenin pathways.

Removal the WISE protein Via induced HAIRLESS protein production.

(Which seems to switch the rest to re-growth phase)

Then finally Lin28a directly targeted to follicles.

Also added jing + plasma for the most luxurious looking hair around.

The dustasterided scalp.

This places a simulant of the chemical dutasteride topically on the scalp, this helps with hair recovery and reduces the storage and buildup of DHT in the scalp. Guys suffering from specific dht affected male pattern baldness have experienced fast and remarkable results sometimes. (it only targets the scalp, no effects elsewhere on body)

The additions are

Activation of Lhx2 and Klf1

(Descriptions from science journals)

The Lhx2 gene is active during the growth phase of the hair follicle and is turned off during the resting phase. Moreover, activation of the Lhx2 gene in hair follicles induced the growth phase and hence hair formation. Thus, Lhx2 is an important regulator of hair growth

Krüppel-like factors (KLFs) are a family of zinc-finger transcription factors that are found in many species. Recent studies have shown that KLFs play a fundamental role in regulating diverse biological processes such as cell proliferation, differentiation, development and regeneration. Of note, several KLFs are also crucial for maintaining pluripotency and, hence, have been linked to reprogramming and regenerative medicine approaches. Here, we review the crucial functions of KLFs in mammalian embryogenesis, stem cell biology and regeneration, as revealed by studies of animal models. We also highlight how KLFs have been implicated in human diseases and outline potential avenues for future research.

All wrapped together nicely, there was also a 2 week testing phase where incredible results were seen.

I suggest you try all the mentioned free audios firstly and see how it effects and works for you, as you may get results and not even need to buy this.

read reviews and make an informed decision as always.

Keep in mind such a propriety blend has its safety nets and protections from bootlegging etc.

Use as much as you need.

(2-3 is a good start amount)

Join the discussion, read the reviews and see the complaints

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The Legendary Hair Serum

18 ratings